How do I pick the right screen door?

How does one go about selecting the best screen door? What is a homeowner looking for when they decide to get a screen? I’m passionate about screen doors and I’d like to share with you how to choose the right screen door for your life. bestscreen I am a big proponent of retractable screens. They are more stylish than traditional screens and because they are out of the way when not in use they last longer. They are more expensive than other options on the market but they are the overall best choice. They work on all door types of any size. You may choose a DIY retractable screen from a Home Depot type store or online, the quality won’t be the same as from the leading manufactures and you might stress yourself out during install. Paying one of the industry leaders to do your install is my suggestion. You’ll get a lifetime warranty and won’t waste an afternoon wrestling to put a screen up. The extra cost is worth it. Choose a brand whose handle is nice. Most retractable screens actually have lame handles, look for handles that curve as they are more ergonomic than blocky squares. Also remember the screen will be nearly invisible so you might want to get a screen door decal to act as a screen door saver. Magic Mesh is another route you may wish to go if you are on a really tight budget and you’re ok with something that won’t last forever. This popular item doesn’t perform like you’ve seen on the TV ad but it’s still decent enough if you want to save your money for other things. You can pick these up on Amazon for a great price. If you want a sliding screen you will need to contact a local company and get it manufactured to fit your door. Make sure you choose a company that uses extruded aluminum or it won’t last very long. These are cheaper than retractable screens so if you’re renting they might be the best choice for you. They are almost as difficult to see as retractable screens so you should order some of our decals. There truly are so many YouTube videos of people crashing through these sliders. If you have some spare time to laugh at others check them out. No matter which option you choose, remember to protect it with a screen door saver. Choose a Screen Door Decal from our shop. Use this Amzon search to find great retractable screens that you can install yourself.