The Downside of Screen Doors

I must admit to being more passionate about screen doors than any human ought to be. In a world full of empty promises and false advertising, screen doors are a rare product that do just what they say they will. The benefits of a screen door are simple, they keep bugs out and let fresh air in. Nothing more, nothing less. But there is a drawback to screen doors, a serious downside – they are really really easy to walk into! They do their job so well that people forget they are there and end up crashing through them. It happens all the time. The truth is it’s hilarious to watch but frustrating and terrifying to experience yourself. It’s not just embarrassing, walking through a screen can end up being an expensive fix as it often does damage to the door and the screen. We solved this problem at Sure there are bigger problems in the world, but this was one I felt confident in tackling. I’m so happy I can offer a product that work on both sliding screens and retractable screens. I’ll always be releasing new designs that homeowners can add to their home. To fix the problem with your screen door visit our shop.

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