Maintaining a Retractable Screen

Screen door maintenance is important. I’d like to share with you a couple of tips for making sure your screen door operates smoothly and effectively for years to come. Screen doors are simple in their design and function so it takes very little work to make sure that your screen will be in working order for a long long time. Often though people overlook their screen doors maintenance and they find themselves needing a brand new screen. I want to help you avoid that. Here are my tips:   Retract when not in use:   Retractable screens are more suitable for modern life as they are stylish and can be stored completely out of they way when not in use. If you have a retractable screen door, simply keep it rolled away when not in use. The housing will protect it from the elements ensuring its longevity.   Keep your tracks free of debris:   Your tracking is a perfect collection spot for dirt and debris. It loves to hide out in there. Stuff like rocks, leaves and just general gunk will make a habit of making a home inside your screen door tracking. Once a week use a cloth to get that junk out. It shouldn’t take you more than 30 seconds.   Use Dry Silicone Spray:   Friction is the enemy of your screen. It wants to kill it. For continued smooth operation of a screen door you need to keep the tracks lubed up. Be careful not to use WD-40. For some reason this go to household lubricant wreaks havoc on screen doors. Instead use Dry Silicone Spray for Retractable Screens. offers a premium Dry Silicon Spray for sale.   Keep people from walking into your screen:   It seems so obvious, yet people will keep crashing into their screens over and over. Obviously we have to recommend our decals here. It’s what they are designed to prevent and they do a great job at it. Our screen door savers have become immensely popular as their reputation for saving screen doors has grown.   I’m confident that if you follow these tips you will get much more enjoyment out of your screen door. If you have any questions about screen door maintenance feel free to send them our way and we will do our best to answer them.

How do I pick the right screen door?

How does one go about selecting the best screen door? What is a homeowner looking for when they decide to get a screen? I’m passionate about screen doors and I’d like to share with you how to choose the right screen door for your life. bestscreen I am a big proponent of retractable screens. They are more stylish than traditional screens and because they are out of the way when not in use they last longer. They are more expensive than other options on the market but they are the overall best choice. They work on all door types of any size. You may choose a DIY retractable screen from a Home Depot type store or online, the quality won’t be the same as from the leading manufactures and you might stress yourself out during install. Paying one of the industry leaders to do your install is my suggestion. You’ll get a lifetime warranty and won’t waste an afternoon wrestling to put a screen up. The extra cost is worth it. Choose a brand whose handle is nice. Most retractable screens actually have lame handles, look for handles that curve as they are more ergonomic than blocky squares. Also remember the screen will be nearly invisible so you might want to get a screen door decal to act as a screen door saver. Magic Mesh is another route you may wish to go if you are on a really tight budget and you’re ok with something that won’t last forever. This popular item doesn’t perform like you’ve seen on the TV ad but it’s still decent enough if you want to save your money for other things. You can pick these up on Amazon for a great price. If you want a sliding screen you will need to contact a local company and get it manufactured to fit your door. Make sure you choose a company that uses extruded aluminum or it won’t last very long. These are cheaper than retractable screens so if you’re renting they might be the best choice for you. They are almost as difficult to see as retractable screens so you should order some of our decals. There truly are so many YouTube videos of people crashing through these sliders. If you have some spare time to laugh at others check them out. No matter which option you choose, remember to protect it with a screen door saver. Choose a Screen Door Decal from our shop. Use this Amzon search to find great retractable screens that you can install yourself.

Screen Door Savers

Screen door decals are the ultimate screen door savers. I’m proud to have designed a product line that works on both patio slider screens and retractable screens. There are a few methods people have developed to act as screen door savers. Though for obvious reasons I’m strongly rooted in the screen door decal camp, all of the ways have some merit to them. I would like to go over them here so you know all the options available to you. Magnets Right now the most popular screen door savers are magnets. There are plenty of amazing shapes and designs. There are sculpture like creations available. The screen savers from Metalex creations are particularly nice. The drawback to magnets is unlike screen door decals they can not be used on retractable screen doors.
Painting There is legitimate history to the art of painting screen doors. From what I can tell this art form sprung up in Baltimore during the 1930’s. It continues to this day. Talented artists are contracted out to create stunning masterpieces on the mesh of screen doors and windows. You can still see through the mesh, but you see a landscape or city scene as you do so. Though amazing to look at the drawback is the cost at getting this done well. It takes a high level artist to make these paintings so beautiful. Embroidery The mesh of a screen door makes for the perfect cross stitch backing. Online you can find some really neat designs. People do this themselves and if you have the skills and desire to give it a try I would recommend it as it is a very custom option which will give your home a one of a kind feature that represents you.

The Downside of Screen Doors

I must admit to being more passionate about screen doors than any human ought to be. In a world full of empty promises and false advertising, screen doors are a rare product that do just what they say they will. The benefits of a screen door are simple, they keep bugs out and let fresh air in. Nothing more, nothing less. But there is a drawback to screen doors, a serious downside – they are really really easy to walk into! They do their job so well that people forget they are there and end up crashing through them. It happens all the time. The truth is it’s hilarious to watch but frustrating and terrifying to experience yourself. It’s not just embarrassing, walking through a screen can end up being an expensive fix as it often does damage to the door and the screen. We solved this problem at Sure there are bigger problems in the world, but this was one I felt confident in tackling. I’m so happy I can offer a product that work on both sliding screens and retractable screens. I’ll always be releasing new designs that homeowners can add to their home. To fix the problem with your screen door visit our shop.