Screen Door Savers

Screen door decals are the ultimate screen door savers. I’m proud to have designed a product line that works on both patio slider screens and retractable screens. There are a few methods people have developed to act as screen door savers. Though for obvious reasons I’m strongly rooted in the screen door decal camp, all of the ways have some merit to them. I would like to go over them here so you know all the options available to you. Magnets Right now the most popular screen door savers are magnets. There are plenty of amazing shapes and designs. There are sculpture like creations available. The screen savers from Metalex creations are particularly nice. The drawback to magnets is unlike screen door decals they can not be used on retractable screen doors.
Painting There is legitimate history to the art of painting screen doors. From what I can tell this art form sprung up in Baltimore during the 1930’s. It continues to this day. Talented artists are contracted out to create stunning masterpieces on the mesh of screen doors and windows. You can still see through the mesh, but you see a landscape or city scene as you do so. Though amazing to look at the drawback is the cost at getting this done well. It takes a high level artist to make these paintings so beautiful. Embroidery The mesh of a screen door makes for the perfect cross stitch backing. Online you can find some really neat designs. People do this themselves and if you have the skills and desire to give it a try I would recommend it as it is a very custom option which will give your home a one of a kind feature that represents you.